Hello. We are pleased to inform you, that our National holidays of China start from September 29th to October 7th. The customer service will be offline. All the orders placed after September 27th, will be arrange for shipment at October 7th according order in sequence.

K Attention

  • Before printing: confirm whether the build plate is flat, and level the plate.Especially the 3D printers with a print size of more than 8.9 inches.

  • Leveling:place 4 sheets of paper on the 4 corners between the plate and LCD screen, press the plate and tighten the screws in diagonal order.

  • Post-curing: both the front and back sides of the prints should be cured.The longer the post-curing time, the harder but more brittle the prints, especially thin parts. If it is a 40W UV light source, the recommended post-curing time should not exceed 10 minutes.

  • Prints should not be in contact with water for a long time.

  • If the resin is not used in the 3D printer for more than 1 day, it is recommended to filter the resin with a filter funnel and pour it into an empty container. Do not pour the resin in the resin tank back to the original bottle to avoid contamination of other resins.