Shipping policy

Some products are currently only available in China warehouse, such as: HT100, GKtwo printer. If you purchase the above items, the goods will be shipped from China and some customs duties may be incurred, which will be paid by the buyer, please be aware.


Due to FedEx policy adjustment, orders from the following countries or region will not be delivered to the door, but will be placed at the express storage point closest to the destination: Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia/New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan. Also, the duties for orders from the above countries or region can only be paid by the seller. If customers in the above countries or region have strict requirements for the declared amount, please ask customer service in advance.


Express and customs

Most goods are in stock in your local warehouse, we will give priority to shipping to you from local warehouses, and you will see where the order was shipped from on the checkout page, or you can consult customer service or send an email to to confirm this before payment.

If your order is shipped from China, we usually choose FedEx express for delivery. If we choose other express, we will let you know.

Your package may be charged customs fees and import duties,these costs are paid by buyer, and RESIONE only pays for shipping.

Please be sure to actively cooperate with customs clearance. If the package is detained because you are unwilling to cooperate with customs inspection, or the express company can't reach you, we will not allow you to refund or return the goods.


Customs invoice

We will fill out the customs invoice according to the actual amount you paid,the customs will ask you for taxes and fees directly or through FedEx based on the amount on the invoice. If you have any objections, please consult customer service before payment.


Additional charges

Some areas belongs to the out-of-range area specified by FedEx, FedEx express requires an additional fee: $26. This part of the fee will be collected by, and we will inform you before the order is sent.

Click here to check FedEx over-range areas

Please note that because FedEx has been updating out-of-range areas, the zip codes of some areas do not appear in the documents in the link above, and our staff will check them through the WeChat applet. If you do not see your zip code in the document, but customer service asks you for a fee of $26, you can check by consulting your local FedEx official phone number. Thank you.

If your order belongs to an out-of-range area of FedEx, please click here to pay $26.

In addition, if you change the address after shipment, the express company will charge us a fee, so we will charge you this fee, and the specific amount will be determined by the express company.


Delivery time and freight

If you choose FedEx IP (Ship from China),free shipping if the order amount is not less than US$300:

Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Bahrain, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan: 3~7 working days;

EU countries (Excluding ES, PT), UK, Norway, Switzerland: 4~9 working days;

The United States, Canada: 4~9 working days;

Australia, New Zealand: 4~9 working days;


If you choose (Ship from DE warehouse):

EU countries, UK, Monaco, Cyprus: 4~13 working days;

Free shipping.

(Excluding Cyprus)


If you choose (Ship from US warehouse):

USA: 5~13 working days;

Free shipping.


Russian users are unable to place orders online. If you need to purchase products, please consult customer service or send an email to