About Us

Dongguan Godsaid Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and has been focusing on developing better 3D printer resins.

We are a Chinese company that has only officially entered the foreign trade business in 2021, and is now forming some influence abroad.

The company's brand RESIONE is now widely loved by users at home and abroad. In addition, the company has established cooperation with the LITLIQ brand. These two brands have different concepts:

If you are new to 3d printing, I suggest you to try LITLIQ, it is cheap and easy to use,you won't be disappointed with it, because you can hardly get a better resin for the same price.

If you are proficient in 3D printing, you can try RESIONE, its mechanical properties, precision, appearance, etc., its many advantages will make you no longer want to use other resins. But if you are new to 3d printing, you may be a little annoyed, because some products you may need to spend some time to find the best printing results.