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About Us

Godsaid-tech was established in 2016,has been focusing on the research and development of LCD/DLP 3D printer resin,include modelling resin | engineering resin castable resin high temperature resin flexible resin elastic resin water-washable resin resin for dental | resin for jewelry resin for figures etc.

"Make UV 3D printing more practical and economical,

this is the original intention of our company to create the brand RESIONE. Before 2016, UV 3D printing was still immature,the UV 3D printers and resins were very expensive, and the types were single. "Ke Feng, co-founder of Godsaid-tech said.

"Until the advent of LCD 3D printing technology, it directly reduced the cost of UV 3D printers to less than 500 US dollars, and the quality of the prints was very high.I expected that UV 3D printing technology would become more popular in the next few years, so I founded this company with my partners who engaged in material research and development,we hope to develop more kinds of economical and practical materials for this technology."

After Mr. Feng finished speaking, material engineer and co-founder Jane Liao continued: "I am very happy to see the rapid development of UV 3D printing in the past few years. Now mono LCD printing technology has emerged,the service life and printing speed of the printer go further,UV 3D printing will be an indispensable tool in more industries.

Therefore, our materials must also be constantly innovated and optimized to adapt to changes.

First of all, the health of users is our first consideration.RESIONE products are not allowed to use inferior raw materials in order to reduce costs. Many cheap raw materials are not pure enough, leaving many harmful substances and VOCs. Although this is more beneficial to our sales, we never consider doing so.Even our lowest cost materials must pass the VOCs emission test.

On this basis, we hope that UV 3D printing can help customers in various industries achieve a higher input-output ratio.

How did we do? On the one hand, we base our research and development on customer needs. Each product of our RESIONE brand has been rigorously tested at least dozens of times by professional customers in various industries, then continue to optimize the formula based on their feedback,only for our products to help customers complete their work more efficiently.

On the other hand, we work closely with suppliers, because we have rich experience in UV 3D printing,they will synthesize raw materials according to our recommendations.Thanks to their help, our materials have excellent performance and reasonable price,then users are more willing to choose RESIONE."

UV 3D printing has unlimited prospects, we are proud to be a part of it.