Is low-viscosity(Good liquidity) resin better for 3D printing?

In general,the higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity of the resin.

Normally,at the same temperature,the higher the content of oligomers in the resin composition and the higher the molecular weight of the oligomers, the greater the viscosity and the better the strength of the prints.

Under normal circumstances,the viscosity of the resin does not exceed 600cps when 25°C, which is suitable for 3d printing.

Some resins have higher viscosity,such as RESIONE F39/F69/F39T/F80 resin.It is recommended to check whether the FEP film is tight before printing,and set the lifting speed to 50mm~90mm/min, set the lifting distance to 5~8mm. The larger the build plate, the lower the lifting speed and the longer the  lifting distance.

In addition, the viscosity of the resin is independent of accuracy. High viscosity resin does not mean that it is easy to accumulate in the voids of the prints,low viscosity resin does not mean that it is not easy to accumulate.