How to reduce the warpage and shrinkage of the prints?

Regarding shrinkage:

The volume shrinkage rate of our resin is about 7%, which represents the density change from liquid to solid. This is a very small shrinkage rate in LCD/DLP resins, and resins with lower viscosity generally shrink larger.

In addition, during post-curing and storage, the size of prints will also shrink. The final size shrinkage of our resin prints is about 0.2%.

How to reduce the shrinkage and warpage of prints?

  • Resin liquid will corrode the prints, post- processing as soon as possible after printing.

  • Avoid immersing the prints in cleaning agents such as alcohol or IPA for more than 5 minutes.

  • Clean the resin on the surface of the prints and dry them immediately.

  • Try to choose a UV lamp with a power of 30~80w for post-curing, and the curing time should be as short as possible.